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Risk assessment
Hazard exposure mapping
Vulnerability evaluation
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Technology and collaboration for building resilient cities.

Web Dashboard

Access from everywhere
A cloud-based web dashboard that allows administrators to manage, answer and track all the reports and inspections. Access the dashboard from everywhere and at any time.

Metrics and analytics

For decision making
Generate metrics and statistics from the reports sent by teams and citizens. Access, export and print analytics about risks, exposures, vulnerabilities, service status and more.

Resilience App

For teams and volunteers
An android application used as a tool for inspecting and updating risks, exposures and vulnerabilities. Intended for on-field resilience teams and volunteers groups, coordinated by the system admin.

CityHeroes App connection

For regular citizens / Safety check
Connection with the CityHeroes IOS/Android application. Allows administrators to send a safety check alert, in order to verify citizens' status in case of emergencies.

Resilience Monitor establishes a direct communication among CROs, Resilience teams, volunteers and citizens; for mapping, assessing and acting on a city’s hazards.

The system was built based on the “Ten Essentials” defined by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) for Making Cities Resilient. Concepts of The Resilience Scorecard for cities created by IBM and AECOM. And many other researchs and ideas

Resilience Monitor tool is mainly used in the following areas:

Risk mapping and assessing

The app allows teams and volunteers to send an evaluations of:

  • Exposures: Who or what is potentially in harm

  • Vulnerabilities: The potential consequences of exposures

  • Risks: What types of risks are most probably related to trigger those exposures and vulnerabilities (earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, fire, hurricane, etc.)
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Infraestructure inspecting and updating

Resilience teams and volunteers can make an inspection of:

  • Dwellings

  • Businesses

  • City infraesctructure
    • Protective infrastructure (barriers, flood, basins, sea walls, etc.)
    • Water, electricity and gas services.
    • School facilities (possible shelters).
    • Healthcare facilities (hospital and clinics).
    • Transportation system (evacuation routes, damage on buildings and tunnels, etc.)

Lets create Impact

Improving the knowledge, communication and collaboration among authorities, citizens and institutions, we get closer to build more resilient cities. Resilience monitor is used on prevention, action and reaction, helping cities to reduce fatalities, opportunistic crimes and other threats.
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